Apartment Living : Living Room Tour


So, I guess since we’ve known each other for about a week now, it’s probably time I invited you inside my home, right? Now, my style of decor is constantly changing because I am constantly bored with the way things look. I’m also really good at hoarding cheap decor items  that can add a little change to my home without costing me hardly anything. These are just a few of my many genetic gifts.

As a renter, there are many things that you have to just deal with because you want to get your security deposit back. We learned that the hard way with our old place, but we had some pretty fantastic mint green cabinets. I’m just sayin’. Although I’m not a huge fan of dark wood trim or doors, there are just some things that you live with. And I know, my apartment is beautiful, and I’m playing the World’s Smallest violin with that statement. But I’m just trying to be honest here. I am almost never happy with the way my place looks, which is why it’s always changing. Change is good. Change is fun.

Now, after the Holidays came and went, my apartment was in distress. After the pumpkins came down, up went the leaf garland for Thanksgiving and then came the vintage Santa’s and giant wooden candy canes. And when I finally got off my ass to take the Christmas tree down (actually, Adam did this…) and the rest of our decorations…I had a clean slate. Well, dusty slate. So, I picked a new color scheme and went at it.



If you walked into my apartment, this is what you would see. Lots and lots of Ikea furniture. I love Ikea so much that I want to take it behind the Middle School and get it pregnant. I’m just sayin’.


Behind the couch. I recently started using records as decor, considering we have so many. I just chose some with similar color schemes that went with my plan and propped them up. I did something similar for Christmas with red and white records, so it’s pretty easy to switch things up. Image

                       See, I told you. I think we got Renter’s Insurance for the sole purpose of protecting these puppies.


I would say this is where I sit to listen to records if I wanted to sound hip and cool. But mostly that’s my hair drying station. I had to unplug it to take this picture. The green on that chair is just a throw blanket that I tucked to fit, and I switch my rugs around a lot. When they’re $20 dollars at TJ Maxx you can collect quite a few. Did I mention I was a hoarder? Yes? Ok.


My “gallery” wall. Which is just a lot of thrift store art and some paintings done by Adam’s grandpa. Which are incredible. And they were free. Bonus. We bought the cheapest couch at Ikea with the white slip cover and it saved us $250 bones when we moved. And while I was petrified at the prospect of me dribbling food on a crisp white couch, throw blankets saved the day. I’ve even used shower curtains in cute patterns as a couch cover. Did I mention I was cheap?


Candles. Everywhere.


A re-purposed kitchen cart. And a Halloween decoration I couldn’t bring myself to put away.


Diet Dr. Pepper makes great decor too.


Don’t judge me by how many Star Trek related things are on this shelf. Or I’ll Vulcan nerve pinch you.


The only dog-related thing I have. You don’t even want to see the cat collection…

Well, now you know.



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