White Winter Hymnal.


I always associate weather with music. I used to make seasonal playlists that tried to invoke the spirit of the season but as time went on I just kept realizing how good my mix was from the last year and I stopped bothering. I’m just that good I guess. But really, I can make a pretty fantastic Mix CD. I’d be happy to make one for you. Really.

In this bitter cold weather (finally, some WINTER!), I find myself dreaming of sitting by a roaring fire with a cup of hot apple cider (or Allie’s Hot Toddy!) Instead I am sitting in the cold because my heat doesn’t work in my living room and I’m drinking hard cider because it’s been a long week. Give and take, I guess.

I came across this website, and, just as it advertises, it’s beautiful Cabin Porn. Pages of wood structures caked in snow with smoke billowing from the chimneys. Wood piles scattered about with pine trees standing stoic in the foreground. Absolute beauty. And I am absolutely green with envy.

So, I thought I’d share a few pictures, and a little playlist for you to play as you dream about warming your bones by a roaring fire. Unless, you know, you get tempted to start a fire in a trashcan on your balcony because you want the real thing. But, I totally didn’t do that.





There’s something so lonely and desolate about the Winter season. Everything is bare and bland but with a dusting of snow it feels pretty magical. These songs are probably what I would be listening to if I was curled up in any of the above cabins. They evoke a warmth that in order to understand, you just have to press play.

Enjoy, my friends.



One thought on “White Winter Hymnal.

  1. I just learned about “Blue Monday” and I totally think it’s a real thing! Winter blues! Thanks for the shoutout and the mix!
    Enjoy that hard cider, it’ll cure what ails ya!

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