Music for a Dinner Date.


Now, everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is a joke but that doesn’t make it any less fun to celebrate. Because this is the one day a year where guys who are generally unromantic for the other 364 can take their lady loves out and impress them, this means that the restaurants are packed. Yuck. Come on guys, don’t you know that cooking for your woman is ridiculously romantic? 

We have never been a real Valentine-sey (what?) couple. I mean, look at us:


Our idea of romance is getting pizza and beer and then sitting around watching Star Trek in a blanket fort. Be still my beating heart…

Valentine’s Day for us usually means going out for a casual dinner and watching a movie at home. It’s usually a nightmare because of how busy the restaurants are so this year we’ve (I’ve…) decided just to cook dinner at home and spend some well deserved time together. 

While I’ll share that aspect of my evening sometime next week, I decided to make a Mix for our dinner at home. Full of fuzzy tunes that will be the soundtrack to our evening. It’s going to be pretty fancy, you guys. Like…using napkins and lighting candles and eating at the table instead of the couch. Whoa. I know. 

Just some pretty little ditties. Enjoy.



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