Music Monday: Alt-j.


Have you ever heard a song and were so confused yet so intrigued as the notes entered your ears? That you found yourself hitting the repeat button over and over until it quickly became your most listened to track on iTunes? This song did it for me.

Alt-j is not a band I would normally listen to. I shy away from mostly anything that has been infused with what I like to call ‘club beats’. Not saying that this is club music by any means…it’s just not something you would normally find me listening to. But it’s so good. Ridiculously infectious.

It’s smart, chaotic and addictive. And I can’t get enough.

And you better believe this track will grace my Spring Mix.

I’ll be back with plenty of posts these coming weeks. I’m on Spring Break (from my one night class…life is rough…) but I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve (Illusions, Michael! A trick is what whores do for money….or cocaine! Anyone? ANYONE!?)



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