Life According to my iPhone.


20130518-083028 20130518-083120 20130518-083149 20130518-083216 20130518-083253 20130518-083324 20130518-083346 20130518-083405 20130518-083441 20130518-083452


1. Took the dust ruffle off of my dream couch. 2. Made some progress in our bedroom. 3. Hot Pan with friends. To die for. 4, 5. Went to our catering tasting for our Wedding. Yes, that’s a pizza truck. We rule. 6. Spent the afternoon at the Dunes. 7. Made the prettiest lunch. 8. Went blonder. 9. Scored some Wedding Decor on the cheap at an auction. 10. Finally got my dad over to hang my ladder (Splinters, but totally worth it!) 11. Finally got to the theater to see Star Trek with my love.

I’m in the process of making homemade Nutella. Yes. Hopefully I’ll have the recipe up later today, if not tomorrow.



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