Music Monday: Bruce Springsteen.


Hello friends. I’m sorry I didn’t deliver on the homemade Nutella. It turned out like shit and I didn’t feel like sharing. See, even I make cooking fails. And I’m pretty great at everything. HA! That was a joke.

Considering my Wedding is in less than 6 months at this point and well, I better get my act together before I end up wearing a muu-muu, I decided to go to the gym after work. It was hot. However, I had my trusty iPod on shuffle and this gem blared through my ear buds. I was immediately a kid again and driving around with my dad with the windows down drinking cherry soda. It was distracting me from my impending heart attack, so I’ll take it. Nostalgia.

Is there anything better than this song on a warm night with your windows down? I’m unconvinced.

I promise less crickets this week. I was so peeved about the Nutella that I flat-out refused to try any new recipes. Like the baby that I am.

Stay tuned.



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