Music Monday: Magnetic Fields.


Hello, friends.
I have been in full-blown Wedding Mode. Which, for me, means I’m looking at things that are wedding related on the internet and finally getting around to ordering my wedding dress. Once and always a procrastinator.

Our “DJ” is actually a service that uses our music and only plays what we give them to play. This is perfect because Adam and I are both music snobs and I swear if someone requests “Celebrate!” I will lose my freaking mind.

I’ve been compiling music for before the ceremony, during the ceremony, the recessional, the entrance, the first dance, the dinner/cocktail hour. And do you know what? It’s totally the best part. I can’t wait to marry the love of my life and share bits and pieces of who we are as a couple through music and little details at our wedding.

I know so many engaged people right now (awesome!) and sometimes I feel like a total ass that my wedding is 5 months away and I’m just getting around to getting a dress when there are people who have been engaged for a fraction of the time and have way more finished than I do (and their wedding is further away). But do you know what? Everyone is different. I know at the end of the day on November 15th, I will be married to my best friend in the entire world and how I get there is how I choose to get there. I will go at my own pace and our wedding will be absolutely perfect. I mean, seriously? Who else that I know is having a pizza truck cater their wedding?! I just need to stop comparing myself to other people. I refuse to stress myself out over planning the happiest day of our life.

This is number one on my list for my “aisle song.” I cry everytime I hear it and picture it playing out on our wedding day. I think this might be it.

“You ought to give me wedding rings.”



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