Summer Rain Taps at my Window: A Playlist.


It’s Summer time and the weather is shitty. Rain. A lot of rain. A lot of my pup trying to crawl under my skin when it starts to thunder. A lot of dim, gray days. A lot of curling up on the couch instead of playing outside. And do you know what? I don’t mind one bit. And despite my current (and always) shade of pale, sometimes I like a break from the sunshine. Sometimes it’s nice to open the windows and listen to the rain sprinkle the streets as my record player spins and spins. 

I have been a real shitty blogger lately. Like, the worst. And that sucks. And I’m sorry. I was planning on making a Summer-y Playlist for you all and because of the current state of the weather, it just didn’t feel right. So I made this one. 

Perfect for a rainy day, perfect for a warm summer night drive with the wind whipping your face and the crickets singing themselves to sleep. It’s a little (ok, a lot) folky, a little subdued. Mostly old but with a hint of new. And I love it to pieces. 

There’s something about a slight crackle coming through the speakers and a blare from a harmonica that makes me melt. All over the place.

Enjoy, my friends. I promise to be back soon. I have a Strawberry Lemon Jam that I’m borderline dying to share but my camera makes anything not shot in natural light look like hot orange garbage. Just  sayin’. 




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