A Saturday in Photographs.


Today Adam and I decided to go back to our old stomping grounds. Our first apartment was in Morris above a restaurant downtown. It was the dinkiest little place and we had way less pets but I will always look back fondly on those moments in our lives. Even the tiniest shared closet you have ever seen. Or our very sexually liberated neighbor. All of it.

Adam’s 24th Birthday is tomorrow. Boy, oh boy. He requested a pie, and I made him his favorite. A day early. He said he didn’t want me in the kitchen all day on his birthday. Bless his heart. He really loves this pie as you can clearly see. Haha.

ImageImageImageImageImagevsco_0-1Imagevsco_1ImageImagevsco_3Imageimage-10 image-12 image-13 image-820130706-211241.jpgvsco_2

We walked around in the woods, putzed around downtown, got a few mosquito bites, tried to get Olive girl to walk on a leash. And we ended up at one of our favorite places on Earth, Lindy Gerties. Their fries alone are reason to go there. Give me all the fries! PS: How perfect is that car, by the way? A girl can dream.

And here’s a little song for your Saturday. I hope it was wonderful!




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