Music Monday: Paul Westerberg.


Hello. I’m alive. Could you tell? Haha.

With the wedding getting closer (almost 3 months away! Gah!), I’ve been hammering out little details. Little details are horrible. I blame Pinterest, you guys. I mean, how am I supposed to be decisive about anything when there are millions of options at my fingertips?! I’ve been going back and forth on colors for the flowers (Yeah…still need to get flowers…whoops) and ties for the groomsmen and if I’m going to have cupcakes or cookies for the dessert table and trying to figure out if everyone will crucify me for serving them food on plastic plates. And then I take a step back and remember what this day is really about. I’m marrying my best friend. I’m becoming his wife. I’m linking my life to this miraculously wonderful man. That’s what this day is about. Maybe that’s why I’ve waited so long on these little details. I have the priorities in the right place.

We visited our venue again and I had the chance to snap a few photos while they were setting up for a wedding. Thankfully our wedding is on a Friday and we get the entire day beforehand to set everything up without worrying about nosy brides taking photos while I’m setting up. For the record, we made an appointment. And, I guess we were told signing on that they might do a tour of the venue earlier in the day for potential brides while we’re setting up. So, I’m not that much of an asshole.

Just being in this place gave me butterflies. Seeing where I’m going to walk in–seeing where we’ll stand and become husband and wife. Seeing the dance floor and the tables and picturing the barn washed in candlelight. I couldn’t have dreamed a better place for us to get married. It is seriously perfect and I can’t wait to share pictures when the day comes.






While planning our playlists for the wedding we’ve had some trouble picking universally pleasing songs for our guests. I mean, I’m sure not everyone wants to get down to The Cure all night. We’re adding a song request portion on our RSVP cards so  our guests can add in a song they’d like to hear and we can download it to our playlist for the night. Well, we might do that. It depends on how ridiculous the request is. I might just put “The Thong Song” on it and say it was requested by someone else…Don’t judge me. She had dumps like a truck (truck, truck).

A song that will undoubtably make our final list is this one. A few years ago Adam told me that he wanted to take me for a drive so I could hear a song. It was this one. I remember the lump in my throat as we drove along. I remember how I felt when he told me that the song summed up how he felt about me. And I can’t wait until we dance to it at our wedding.




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